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Maritime services based on EO data


The MARSAT project wants to operationalise and standardise EO products and aims to develop them into evaluated services. This especially includes the aspects of detecting ice and water depth or quickly available environmental and positioning information.

These features require analysis methods across different sensor techniques, an excellent access to the satellite data infrastructure and proven know-how when it comes to innovation.

The MARSAT service network


The overarching organisational objective is creating a national brand for the MARSAT service network in the context of relevant national initiatives like National Masterplan Maritime Technologies and the forming Copernicus Center Germany, in order to strengthen international visibility and export.

The network aims to be competitive and promote market-driven innovations and services. Therefore it will evolve into an open business network from the second project half on.

The partnets in the MARSAT consortium


MARSAT is covered by a competent consortium of EO information service providers, established service prodiers, research facilities of the maritime industry and satellite data providers.

Together, the MARSAT consortium has long-standing, proven expertise in market- and customer-driven innovation and business development and is optimally placed for achieving the above-listed goals.

Project goals


MARSAT supports the development of information services based on earth observation (EO) for the maritime economy. MARSAT realises the chances of innovational developements in the maritime economy by current and future satellite missions and their data evaluation.

We adress maritime applications, for which the sampling rates and information services of satellite supported sensor can accomplish an added economical value.

A community project of

MARSAT is financed and coordinated by the DLR Space Administration
with funds of the Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy (BMWi) of Germany.