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EOMAP ist the world's leading provider for satellite based solutions in the area of aquatic and maritime applications for the offshore industry and federal organisations. EOMAP is a coordinator of the MARSAT consortium.


SevenCs is a software company based in Hamburg that produces and distributes software modules (S-57 Chart Display Kernel SDK) for electronic sea chart systems (ECDIS, ECS) and other maritime applications. Additionally, SevenCs develops production and distribution software for sea charts as well as specialised navigation software for professional shipping. Also, SevenCs offers extensive complementary services including training and consulting.


The TRENZ GmbH, an internationally operating company based in Bremen and Hamburg, develops customized software solutions for the sea travel sector. Each and every German sea and harbour pilot uses software and hardware solutions made by TRENZ. The company has built long and proven experience in the area of processing AIS data and designs ETA systems for predicting shipment arrival times.


The nstitute of Shipping Economics and Logistics was founded in 1954 in Bremen. By combining traditions with modern science, we have since positioned ourselves as one of Europe's leading institutes for research, consultation and transfer of know-how in maritime logistics. On behalf of our public and private project partners and customers, we take care of turning innovative ideas into practical solutions. Our interdisciplinary teams in Bremen and Bremerhaven process projects and contracts from all over the world.


Drift & Noise Polar Services (DNPS) is a spin-off from the Alfrew Wegener Institue for Polar Research located in Bremen. DNPS supports and consults for activities in the polar regions and falls back on modern geophysical and satellite based measuring methods. The key technologies are an electromagnetic method for determining the thickness of pack ice and algorithms for providing users in the arctic regions with near-real-time ice information.

The following partners kindly support the MARSAT project: